About us

The organizers of Lambda World are made up of lovers of functional programming. A heterogeneous group who see this paradigm as the future of software development.


Maureen Elsberry

Director of Marketing at 47 Degrees

Jorge Galindo

Co-founder at 47 Degrees

Benjy Montoya

VP Communications at 47 Degrees

Program committee

Juan Manuel Serrano

Founding Partner in Habla Computing & Scala linker

Nando Sola

SRE at GrapheneDB & Scala Linker

David Gomez

Developer Advocate at Liferay & JAVA Linker

Carlos Sierra

Core software engineer at Liferay & Scala Linker

Estela Pinto

software developer @Company_Watch, scala enthusiastic, all around functional programming

Zainab Ali

Scala Developer

Alejandro Serrano

PhD candidate

Local advocates committee

Emilio Trigueros

Local committee coordinator